Privacy by design without compromise for health & medical.

Personal health data is among the most sensitive data out there. With STRM, you can handle customer and patient data with the care and delicacy they deserve - whether for internal use or in partnerships with research and insurance. So you can comfortably build your product without compromising on data quality, privacy, security and compliance.

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“With STRM Privacy we can be fully Privacy by Design and offer our customers the privacy protection they deserve without compromise to data quality and usability.”

CTO at Medtech App

Your benefits

‘Shift left’

With STRM you can ‘shift left’ to the point of data collection in order to gain E2E control over the privacy implications of your data.

Reduce coordination

Reduce coordination effort by bringing together your stakeholders and legal, engineering and data teams on data + privacy in one integrated product.

Bind purpose to data

Always know the purpose of the data collected, so you minimise the room for mistakes whilst maximising the potential use cases.

Turn privacy into a scalable process

Healthcare data is heavily regulated, and rightly so. You build your product on customer trust. Through STRM, protecting privacy becomes easier, more robust and scalable. Regulators will love that you are going the extra mile to meet their requirements by enforcing the correct privacy controls inside your data instead of afterwards.

Through our data contracts you ensure you know beforehand which (PII) data is moved within your system, how it is transformed, and where it can be destined to. Whether inside your own infrastructure or between you and 3rd party providers.

When combining our privacy-by-design data pipelines with a privacy ops framework, you're setting yourself up for a scalable privacy process against lower cost and risk. Allowing you to unlock business value you now leave on the table.

How it works

Our privacy-by-design data pipelines structure privacy from data collection all the way to storage and consumption - so you don't have to solve it case after case.

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Sharing health data for research?

We know you are at the forefront of innovation, requiring you to share data with trusted partners. What's more convenient than data not sharing itself if it shouldn't? With STRM, you can never share data unconsented as it will just remain encrypted even if you (by mistake) try to. Furthermore, we make sure every partner only gets the data they need. Innovation and privacy is a balancing act, and we can be the scale.

Cloud Nine or SaaS, your choice

Maybe you need a fully managed solution. Maybe you want to make sure sensitive data never leaves your infrastructure. In either case, we care about privacy and make sure it's safe and secure. With our Cloud Deployment option you can deploy STRM Privacy inside your own infrastructure. The only data we ever see is about system, not customer, health. So your data, your infrastructure and our privacy by design technology. If that isn't Privacy by Design...

Buy, don't build

Your team cares about improving health and medical technology. While privacy is an important condition, building and managing privacy infrastructure isn't the first reason they joined you. So let them focus on improving your customers' lives while we take care of scalable privacy technology.

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Let us show you how easy it can be to up your privacy program. We are glad to help you transitioning to the new age of privacy management, security and compliance.

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