alpha release Privacy Statement

STRM Privacy helps you to collect deep event data in real-time with privacy and data usability built-in. That also means we are respective of your privacy as a visitor to our site, and as a customer.

Here's what we like to know ourselves without diving into privacy policies: we use cookies and related techniques to ensure functionality on this website, and collect and use information for analytical and marketing purposes. You should opt-in before we do that, except for the essentials we need to make this site run.

We use Plausible for analytics on this site. This is always anynomous. We might run ads, but don't carry over any id's to our domains.

As a customer (when you signed up), we use personal (such as your email) and business information where necessary to provide our product, and to keep you informed on our product and marketing efforts. We don't sell or use your data for other purposes.

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Decrease risk and cost, increase speed encode privacy inside data with STRM.