alpha release Terms of Service

Here we outline the agreement between Stream Machine B.V. that you enter into as a user of our Services during our Alpha release. “Alpha” means we are testing our product. The summary is simple: you should not use our product in production settings and we are not liable for any damages whatsoever.

We are happy that you want to join us in driving privacy safe applied AI, and point out our commitments and responsibilities below. We also expect you to be responsible when you use our product at this stage, which we will outline as well. When you spot something that raises questions or needs additional clarity in the Terms of Service, please reach out to For technical questions, you can reach out to our support team on Gitter (preferred) or e-mail us at

The product STRM Privacy provides

STRM Privacy is a data processing platform that ensures that collected data from a source is compliant with all well known privacy regulations, such as GDPR. We strive to help you to collect customer data in real-time with privacy and usability built-in. Data can be consumed through multiple channels, which then can be used by you for analytics, data science, machine learning applications, or for storing it in your data lake. The architecture of our solution can be found here, as is additional documentation on implementation.

The commitment of your STRM Privacy Team

STRM Privacy aims to change the world in which we use technology through its streaming and privacy safe services. As mentioned, we are in Alpha stage currently (which is indicated on the console interface as well. Hence, if both parties enter into an agreement, you explicitly do so at your own risk. Naturally, our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality of our services, but STRM Privacy cannot provide any guarantees during this developmental stage. We hope you understand we have to be clear on this, therefore:

  1. Compliancy. We currently cannot guarantee that data you provide is secure and stored according to all rules and regulations that your input data requires, since we do not know the nature of your data and hence whether this data is (e.g.,) subject to local regulations such as GDPR or other local regulations. It is explicitly your responsibility to provide STRM Privacy with the right consent levels acquired when you gathered your data.
  2. Timely delivery. We cannot guarantee that your stream processing is executed on our servers and thus that you receive your desired output on time. Hence, we do not provide any performance guarantees (i.e., SLA’s on latency), nor can we guarantee that our servers are always available to run your task (i.e. no downtime). We strive for as much uptime as possible, and we try to carry out our streaming service as fast as we can. Yet, during the Alpha period, these services might be interrupted, or tasks might not get executed properly due to maintenance, improvements or product iterations. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have mitigating actions in place to deal with a temporary or permanent outage of our services. You probably understand already that we do not accept any liability for unprovided, delayed or unfinished processing and/or delivery of data.
  3. Encryption. We also cannot guarantee that your encrypted streams can be decrypted if keys are lost (see the documentation) and info on our console.
  4. Tools. This also applies to any of the tools we provide you will implement in your own code/stack, such as software development kits, or pre-made data schemas. These are to be considered Alpha releases with the goal of exploration and testing and are used in production settings at your own risk. The license(s) under which they are made available apply.
  5. Max usage. During Alpha we are limiting the number of streams you can create to 1 (“one”) and the maximum events you can send to a 1000 (“one thousand”) per second. This is to ensure that we can remain operational. If you want these limits lifted, we’re happy to discuss a paid alpha - please get in touch!
  6. Security. We are engineers and we have standards too. Naturally, we secure our services on a best-effort basis, but we cannot guarantee this security is never breached. Hence, we do not accept any liability for security breaches of your input data or algorithm.
  7. Availability. Our ambition is to grow and create a sustainable business. Yet, we cannot in any way guarantee that our product and services will be available in the future. Continuity of these services is not guaranteed, which could imply our services can be terminated immediately. Liability by termination is not accepted by STRM Privacy.
    1. There are also things we can guarantee:

      1. Data usage. We only process your data and will not resell this data, or use them for any other purpose than intended in the agreement.
      2. Data retention. Also, the data you provide will be temporarily available on our servers, encrypted, for no more than 7 days. After that, the data will be purged.

      All in all, this list of guarantees and commitments sums up as: we are in Alpha stage and hence cannot guarantee anything except our energy and efforts to provide support and help to develop a great service.

      Your commitment as an Alpha user

      Joining us in the first exciting stages of these services comes with some commitment from your side as well.

      1. Please contribute to our community if you encounter any errors, bugs, and potential improvements. If you have any serious security issues or findings, please contact us directly.
      2. Take necessary steps to deal with the aforementioned possible (permanent) outage of service
      3. Ensure you gather the right consent levels of any data you share with us, and be compliant with regulations.
      4. If you are in doubt whether we or not you have the right guarantees in place regarding the processing of data, let us know.
      5. Be nice. If you are planning to stress test us, let us know so we can jointly explore. If you use our console in this Alpha stage for larger volumes (> 10k events per second), please contact us so we can plan accordingly!
      6. Again, we are developing our product. If you misuse our services, this might require immediate suspending or terminating your test account. We’d rather not, by the way.
      7. Changes might be made to the platform in backwards incompatible ways, without announcement.
      8. Inactive streams (i.e. no events sent) will be automatically deleted after 7 (seven) days.

      Fees and payment

      During our Alpha, no fees or charges for usage within the Alpha limits (1 stream, max. 1000/events/sec) apply. Any usage and charges beyond those limits are per request and determined on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch if you want to pay us!

      Termination of this Alpha agreement

      Please stop using our services when you intend to terminate this agreement. You can delete your streams yourself from the self service console They will stop working within a few minutes, max an hour. Your data will be purged within the general retention period if not consumed. Your account will be suspended after 90 days if no data is sent, after notifying you once on the mail address provided whilst registering. From our side, we can terminate the agreement at any time but will strive to give notice on any interruption or change of services of 30 days. Once we upgrade to beta or GA, those terms will apply.

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