👋 Welcome to STRM!

You are probably looking for Stream Coin (STRM) or Streamline Healthcare Solutions (NASDAQ:STRM). Hate to spoil the fun, but that's not us...

All them STRM

There's more STRM's than this one.

STRM Privacy = Privacy by Design for Data (GDPR)

This STRM is a Privacy company. We bring privacy inside data, and we're not a stablecoin or healthcare solutions provider. So no, we don't know if the stock is expensive, if dividend is expected, or how a video NFT works. So sorry!

However, while you're here, do you have any challenges surrounding privacy? Healthcare is one of our favorite domains (because privacy), as are finance and crypto!

Feel free to browse some of our features, read the blog or get to know the STRM team. We're also hiring and have some interesting data schemas (we call them data contracts) up to help you understand how you can merge privacy policies and data in one go.

Have a blast! 👋 the STRM Team.

Ready to become Privacy by Design without compromise? See for yourself or let us show you.