Use more data and reduce your cost and risk with STRM privacy streams

A lot of value in personal financial data is locked away by complicated regulation and sticky organisational processes that keep you awake. By structuring your privacy process with STRM you can enable your organisation to comfortably build your product knowing privacy, security and compliance are a check in the box.

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“Our models use PSD2 data for credit risk scoring, with STRM we can use more data without comprosing on privacy. This enables us to better serve our customers and gain their trust at the same time”

CTO at Fintech SME

Your benefits

‘Shift left’

‘Shift left’ to the point of data collection in order to gain end to end control over the privacy implications your data.

Reduce coordination

Reduce coordination effort by bringing together all stakeholders, legal, engineering and data in one product.

Bind purpose to data

Always know the purpose of the data collected, so you minimise the room for mistakes whilst maximising the potential use cases.

Turn privacy into a scalable process

Whether for PSD2, KYC or AML: leveraging PII data is key in your industry. Make sure regulatory requirements are met by enforcing the correct privacy controls inside your data.

Through the use of data contracts you ensure that you always know which (PII) data gets moved within your system and between you and 3rd party providers.

Our privacy-by-design data pipelines help drive your privacy ops and scale your privacy processes. Doing so will unlock untapped business value, while lowering regulatory burden.

How it works

Our privacy-by-design data pipelines structure privacy from data collection all the way to storage and consumption - so you don't have to solve it case after case.

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Tired of DSAR and RTBF requests?

STRM privacy helps to drive down the cost and work involved with DSAR and RTBF. Our ‘shift left’ philosophy and the right privacy process mean you can spend more time on building a better product than your competition.

Buy, don't build

Your team likes the challenge of competing in the finance space. Building and managing privacy infrastructure is not why they joined you, so let them focus on customer facing features and deliver them faster with confidence.

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Business Development

Bart Voorn

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Let us show you how easy it can be to up your privacy program. We are glad to help you transitioning to the new age of privacy management, security and compliance.

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