Media Personalization

Used in recommendations personalization
for media e-commerce digital

A schema to capture item consumption for personalization purposes.

Event Contract reference


Schema reference


Event contract overview

Key fieldsession_idLinks events to the associated field for privacy processing.
PII fieldcustomer_id1needs consent
PII fielddevice_id1needs consent
PII fieldsession_id1needs consent
ValidationsnoneNo validations applied

Serialization schema fields

event_typeFollowableFollowed / FollowableUnfollowed
brand_sourceBrand or media source like Kiosk
platformViewer platform, any value as long as consistent
osOS Release Number. TODO details
versionApp version number
device_id(allowed) device ID. UUID, GUID, PII?
customer_idStores a customer ID as key-value to contain different ID's in use
session_idSession ID as set by producer, e.g. the browser cookie, or app open ID
context_idA unique identifier for the context (UUID)
swimlane_idA unique identifier for the lane
swimlane_rankDisplayed rank of the swimlane. TBD start at 1
swimlane_in_viewContains time > x% of item was in viewport. Implementation tbd.
swimlane_actionPin or unpin, or opt-in in e.g. Volkskrant
article_rankTBD start at 1
article_in_viewContains time > x% of item was in viewport. TODO tbd.
article_actionclick, ...
followable_idA server-set item id for that specific item
followable_rankDisplayed rank of the item. TBD start at 1
recommendation_idAn unique identifier for a recommendation (UUID)