Towards Privacy by Design for data (IEEE Paper)

Our paper on Privacy by Design for scalable data systems is included in a special issue of IEEE Data Bulletin on GDPR compliant data engineering.

Hot off the press ☕️ ! We’re back to academia 🎓 😉 We published a (position) paper on how bring Privacy by Design to data systems. Proofpoint: Privacy by Design is included as the fifth step of the recommendations by the Dutch Privacy Authority on being GDPR compliant (in Dutch).

Of course that’s easier said than done. The Cost of Privacy and GDPR to organisations is real (even way before any fines are imposed) and there’s still a major gap between the policy perspective and practical (data) engineering challenges for legal and data teams. Guidance on how to embed privacy (“by design”) in systems is important but hard to find, and goes beyond just making sure you don’t collect data that’s not necessary.

That’s why we took the invitation to contribute to IEEE 's Data Engineering Bulletin on data system implications of GPDR. As part of the special issue, we outlined our guiding principles for building privacy-first data systems.

Grab your gratis copy here. More of a visual person? We went to Austin to deliver a condensed version of the principles and paper in a talk at Data Council

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