Introducing Mind the Gap

We're starting a new weekly newsletter, Mind the Gap.

Pim Nauts, founder

Every day we read and reflect on what’s happening in privacy and (data) engineering. And we believe there’s still quite a gap (you guessed it) between them. With our new weekly newsletter, Mind the Gap, we aim to pull those worlds a little closer together.

The idea is simple: we’ll include a few items every week from what we’re reading and discussing ourselves, with a little snippet of reflection, to wonder and ponder about privacy and (data) engineering and how to bring them closer together.

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Hope you like it, let us know what you think.

PS We’re hiring!

Want to work on bridging the gap between engineering and privacy to help data teams build awesome data products without sacrificing privacy in the process? There’s plenty of cool work left. Did we mention we are hiring!?

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