Interview: protecting privacy with STRM by Innovation Origins

An interview on how to drive innovation through privacy by design.

The Dutch innovation platform Innovation Origins invited Bart for an interview to discuss STRM and how privacy can drive (instead of limit) innovation.

Encoding privacy inside data and taking care of all the steps involved in defining, transforming and consuming data is a pretty new concept and category. It’s not very helpful that privacy is often viewed through a (limited) legal lens.

It can therefore be hard to grasp what we do without a legal or engineering background. The piece that came out of the interview with Innovation Origins does a great job of providing that perspective.

Read along on their platform and let us know if we can help you remove some roadblocks in dealing with privacy! ;-)

PS We’re hiring!

Want to help data teams build awesome data products without sacrificing privacy in the process? There’s plenty of cool work left. Did we mention we are hiring!?

Decrease risk and cost, increase speed encode privacy inside data with STRM.